5 mar 2013


The Abimor is the world's most prominent serial killer. He chooses his victims throughout the centuries, and before he kills them, he forces them to tell his biography. All who ear the story are ones to die, and they too are forced to tell the story. His last known kill was in 1889. A woman's voice was heard over an early telephone. The conversation was transcribed, and the last words were "He made me tell you." both the woman and the man transcribing her story were murdered. In 1600, Abimor's biography was made into a play. The playwright was found dead, and the last line of the play he was working on was "He doth forced me to share his tale." In ancient Egypt, they found the first mention of him. He was described as immortal and narcissistic. The last hyroglyphic was an apology of sorts, but by then it was too degraded to be fully translate. His identity remains unknown to this day. But as sure as ther are people to victimize, he will be there.

Sorry for the shitty quality of my storytelling, as i am on my phoneMy friend told me this story a few days ago. He sent me a text yesterday apologizing for telling me the story. He was found murdered with his whole family today. My mind's all over the place, and I can barely think right now with the loss of my friend. I must leave, but I feel like I should tell you one more thing...

I was forced to post this under his constraint. I'm sorry.

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