6 lis 2011

I'll never forget that night...

You know with Halloween just passing, it reminds me of three years ago. I'm a stickler for nostalgia, and I usually all it takes is for some small reminder to get me into one of those moods. Of course, it'd be hard to forget the Halloween of 2008. It was a typical Halloween, everyone was out gathering candy, and I was out for a stroll. I live in a small country town, but it's right down the road from a major city, so it's not all cows and chickens, but not all paved roads either. I had been walking down one such paved road when I stumbled upon it. I think it was eating someone. I was never really sure, because it only took my brain a split second to tell my legs to leave regardless of whether or not the rest of me was coming along.

The road wasn't far from my house, so I knew that if I continued to run I could eventually reach at least relative safety. The creature was huge, so it wasn't like I'd be able to escape just by some small wooden door. However, I had a big katana inside my house and I thought that I'd at least feel better if I could hold onto it while cowering in my room.

I never made it passed the edge of the road. The creature was upon me before I could even cry for help. It knocked me down and I rolled over on my back as I raised my hands to defend myself from it. In response, it bit my right hand, right between my thumb and forefinger.

I had only a passing glance to look at this creature before as I had attempted to flee, but now that it was sitting ontop of me, I got a REAL good look at it. Besides, my hand was still in it's mouth, so I had little choice.

It wasn't as huge as I had originally thought, only a little bigger than a man, but still big for an animal. The creature was wolf-like, that's the only way to describe it. It had the eyes of a wolf and was very furry, but it's face wasn't right. It looked almost human.
I'm not normally a fighter, infact I've never been in a real fight...but whenever animals bit at me or challenged me, it always brought out a sort of pride like anger. This creature, no matter how it terrified me, elicited that same response.

My hand was still in it's mouth, and in a sudden flash of anger, I grabbed it by it's mouthsnout thing and pushed it to the ground. I used my other arms and legs to try and pin down it's own appendages, and actually had some success.

It howled in anger or pain, I'm not sure, but it let go of my hand, and with that free hand I thrust my hand deep into it's eye. It didn't like that very much. However, it was distracted enough for me to get up and run again.

My renewed fear gave me wings, and I managed to escape this time, at least out onto the next road. My luck seemed to be changing as the car that almost ran me over as I stumbled out into the road was a police car. It began to rain as I pounded on his car with my good hand, and he quickly stumbled out of his car when he saw the shape I was in.

The rain began to pour down as he made his way to me, and he was quickly able to determine that I was not in the best of shape. I mumbled something about an animal attack and shouted "run!" as I collapsed on the road.

I woke up a few minutes later in his car, and I noticed we were going very fast. I wondered why he hadn't called an ambulance when I realized that his lights and siren were on. I thought it was awfully rude of him to answer another call with me dying in the backseat, and that was when I noticed the fear in his eyes.

He kept glancing in his rear view mirror, so I did the same. I wish I hadn't. I saw the creature, this beast, running behind the car. We were going seventy. I wondered why we weren't going faster when I noticed the way the cop furiously grasped the wheel, spinning it back and forth like he was playing a video game.

I could then see the shower of sparks emitting from the back of the car, and somehow I knew what had happened. The monster had bit or scratched out one of the tires, and we were now going seventy on a rim. I wondered how long the cop could keep this up. I found out when we crashed a moment later.
The car flipped a few times, eventually it plowed into a lightpole and and then a wall. The crash was bad. The officer wasn't living anymore, and it can be said that what was left barely even qualified as a corpse.

We had crashed on a busy street, so people were already stopping their cars and checking on us. The creature was no where to be found. Maybe it was too busy for him. People called in an ambulance and as I passed in an out of consciousness, I remember one man standing amongst the crowd, just watching. He was a strange looking man, and I thought it odd that he wore no clothes. I figured it was only a hallucination and went back to almost dying.

When I woke up again, I was in a hosptial, with doctors and nurses looking over me. They checked my right hand, apparently it was still pretty bloody from the creature's bite. They seemed to be amazed I was alive, much less conscious. I shared their surprise.

They placed me in a room by myself, and that's where things start to get a bit fuzzy. I remember the same man I had seen at the crash site, the naked man, sitting in my room during the night. A few hours later, when the doctors came in with detectives, however, he was gone. I passed in and out again before they arrived, so perhaps he was merely an illusion.

The cops asked me all kinds of questions, but luckily none of them blamed me for what had happened. They had found the animal bite on my hand, although it was actually somewhat healed, but the officer had called in what was happening before he had lost the tire. They had thought it strange and of course since I was the only one alive, they needed to speak with me.

Then the lights went out. It was a small hospital, no more than a clinic, really, so the power outage was a major concern. They had rooms full of people, and it seemed that the backup generators weren't starting.
Everyone thought it was strange, and even stranger still when the claw marks were found on the generator, rendering it useless. They thought it was strange that an animal would know to sever the fuel line. At this point, I didn't.

This wasn't an animal, whatever it was, and it wanted me. I was putting this entire hospital in danger, but of course they didn't take kindly when I tried to leave. I was strong, more than a few orderlies were required to keep me down, but I wasn't strong enough to escape the bed. They strapped me down with their belts as they tried to quell my fears of a "beast attacking."

Then they left me alone, those jerks. They all went out into the other rooms to make sure everyone else was safe. I struggled against my restraints, and they moved a bit. These were hastily placed so they weren't exactly designed to keep someone confined. I thought that if I worked hard enough, I could resist them to the point where I could escape.

Someone yelled out in the hall, and I heard gunshots. Then there was some screaming, and half a man sailed through the air passed my door. I struggled harder. My right hand wasn't tied as well as the rest of me, and I could tell that the restraints would soon loosen. I don't know what I was going to do, however, as the only things next to me were a few silver instruments designed for helping people, not stopping Cerberus' youngest son.
There was screaming in my room now, and I realized later on that it was coming from me. The cause was that the hairy beast was now in my room, menacing and evil, looking even more beast like than before.

It slowly moved towards my bed, with me strapped to it. It made a sound that was like chuckling, and I saw that it was bleeding from several gunshot wounds. One of them was in the side of it's head, and the creature seemed to be merely annoyed by it. The wound I had caused to it's eye was almost entirely healed.

The wounds themselves didn't even look that fresh, as if they were already healing. It moved slowly towards me, savoring the moment. It was so caught up in trying to impress me, that it didn't notice when my hand finally broke free of the restraints.

I did my best to avoid bringing notice to my actions as I reached up and pulled the silver instrument off the tray beside me. I don't know what it was, it was kind of like a pointy spatula. It was pointy enough, I assumed, and decided that it was going to have to do.

The creature, sure of his victory, leaned down and did something I wasn't expecting. He flexed his claws and removed the other restraints from my body, slicing them up with precision I would not have expected from such an animal.

He placed one hand on my shoulder and pulled me up by it with ease, snarling or sneering as he did so. I was never sure. However, I didn't stop to ask as I plunged the silver spatula deep into the creature's eye, the same one I had attacked before.
For some reason, while the bullets seemed to only phase the monster, that spatula brought him more pain than any gun. Perhaps it merely penetrated deep enough to reach it's brain, because it began to spasm and stumble backwards into the hall.

It ran from my room, howling and screaming in pain. The screams almost sounded human, and it was one of the eeriest things I have ever heard. The wailing stopped eventually, and for a while there was no movement anywhere. I stood in my room, shivering, wondering what was happening.

In the days that followed, I did my best to piece together what had happened from what the police told me. They found no beast in the hall, but a man with a spatula in his eye. They determined that I had been in shock, and thus the beast was merely what my brain attached to this murderer that had been stalking the hospital. They weren't sure if the cause of death was the spatula or the bullets, but I didn't stop to ask.

I never did find much of what had happened to everyone else there that night, but I think I'm probably better off this way. I was released from the hospital very quickly, the doctors amazed as my wounds healed at record pace.

I don't believe I'm fully healed, though, as since that night I have taken to sleep walking. I often find myself out in the woods at night, or waking up on some lonely road in the morning, with no recollection of how I got there. My clothes are usually torn and messy, but I've never found any blood or anything to say that they were cut by barbed fences or something.

All I know is that my nights are sometimes more eventful now, but lately I've been able to recollect some of what I've been doing during those missing hours. I remember running through fields, fast and free. What scares me, however, is the more I remember, the more I like it.

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