2 lis 2011

More dimensions

The universe has more dimensions than 4. The blue sphere told me that it was 11, but I'm not sure if that's right. These 11 dimensions encapsulate every possible reality that could exist.

Basically, the universe and reality is a giant singularity. It's a single, extra-dimensional point in space. Every timeline, every possibility, every alternative reality is contained in this point, folded in the higher dimensions. There is no such thing as linear time, because the singularity already contains everything that has and ever will happened, in every possible configuration.

Human beings are creatures of limited perception. Linear time is a lie, because we must believe that there is one reality, going from start to finish. On a primitive level, our survival depends on believing this. Your consciousness, basically, is just the singularity subjectively experiencing itself. Psychedelic drugs just loosen this limited perception, causing you to be unable to filter out all but 4 dimensions. There is no such thing as death, because there is no "self." We're all just aspects of the singularity.

Your thoughts and memories aren't contained "in" your brain. Your brain is just a way to access information contained in other parts of the singularity. When you close your eyes and think of an old memory, your consciousness actually "travels" to that part of the singularity to access the information.

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