11 wrz 2011


Jako że dzisiaj 9/11, a dziesięć lat temu dokonano ataków terrorystycznych, coś z rodzaju bardziej "paranormalnych", prosto z /x/.

There are several different theories, some ridiculous, some well founded.

For one, Building 7 was storing a massive amount of information on an ongoing SEC investigation into the mortgage-backed securities market (aka the shit that just caused our massive economic downturn). These documents were the culmination of an investigation started by the Justice Department during Clinton's administration: basically, the Republiscum were trying to rig the global markets to crash so that certain interests of theirs would experience windfall profits (oil, food, energy, defense). The attacks served a dual purpose: jumpstart the US into an Oil/Mineral war (Afghanistan, by the way, is home to one of the richest rare-earth deposits in the world, worth Trillions in the electronics market) that would serve the purpose of fattening the wallets of rich Republicans and their friends through lucrative government contracts for weapons and armor (not to mention private sales of the same to bolster our wanting forces) as well as setting up American companies and their proxies as the go-to-guys for the now "liberated" resources of Iraq, Afghanistan and, now, Libya.

In essence, the war SUCCEEDED in bringing about the ultimate goals of this "Cabal" of rich men: massive, unfettered profits and a guarantee of those profits continuing for the forseeable future.

However, there is another theory that I /x/ might be a little more interested in. It involves Aliens and I am not fucking around.

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