19 wrz 2011

Trapped in a Dream

Last night I woke up around four in the morning feeling very fulfilled in the way you can only feel at that exact moment in between when you stop sleeping and when you realize you have awoken. This was a bit off-putting since a few moments later I remembered the dream that I was having before I woke up. Usually dreams don't come back to me but since a couple of years I've been remembering flashes of a certain recurring dream. This night I could finally patch some things together from these memories.

I remembered that in the dream I was in a room with my best friend and that I knew that something was not right. I must note that in the dream the world seemed just as vivid and real as it seems typing this on my computer right now. I told my friend that I knew that osmething was worng and that I had to find out what and why. I can't remember why I believed so strongly that something was wrong. My friend did his very best to convince me that nothing was wrong and every time I brought it up he tried to distract me by telling me we should be doing something other than talking about this.

At one point I'm pretty sure I realised that it wasn't real life but I couldn't make the link to assume that I was dreaming. I don't even think that the possibility crossed my mind. Every time I have that dream I feel trapped for hours with no way of getting back to reality. Every other person I came across in the dream reacted exactly the same as my best friend did when I told him I knew something was worng. I don't know what happened during the rest of the dream, this was all I could remember.

I wish I could remember how I finally got out. The thing that was the most disturbing was that I had this feeling before but not in a dream. This was when I was in a coma fighting for my consciousness for days on end. I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight. I'm afraid I won't break loose...

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