13 paź 2011

Lost Soul Silver

I called Jessica for the fifth time that day, why wasn’t she picking up? Was she sick?
Finally I gave up and put on my coat, heading to her house a few blocks away.
No one was home at her house, but I knocked and then went in anyway, her parents wouldn’t mind.
She was sitting on her bed, a vacant expression on her face. Her DS sitting in front of her. The power was dead.
What on earth was wrong with her?
I called her parents, I had to tell them something was really wrong with their daughter.
She stared at her DS, muttering.
I stayed until her parents took her, too wrapped up in their daughter to notice I was even there. Her room, her room was a mess. Scribbles were all over the walls and paper was thrown everywhere.
I picked up the notebook that say on her bed.
Scribbles were all over the notebook. What was wrong? The marks looked familiar. What was this? I looked at her DS again, a game was in it.
Being an avid creepypasta reader and writer, my mind immediately went to the creepy side of this. I opened the DS, looking at it. I couldn’t see anything wrong with the DS, so I plugged it into the charger. I turned on the DS. The screen titled the game as “Soul Silver” with the lugia being red. That was strange.
I touched the screen, and looked at the save file. She was past the last gym at least, or maybe just recently beat it. I started the game, she was in the elite four.
So what was wrong with it?
I looked through her pokemon, slightly usual, she had the kanto starters, all but Charmander fully evolved, along with a mew and an aricuno. why would she not have evolved the Charmander, her level was 71, she should of evolved long ago. I used the escape rope in her bag and ran out. I headed into some grass near the town I escaped into, intending to level up the Charmander. I fought some pokemon leveling her up, she leveled to 72.
The screen came up, Charmander showed up on the screen. The evolution started, and suddenly Charmander screamed. It’s cry loud and lower than it should be.
“Charmander refuses to evolve!”
What on earth?
I hadn’t pressed B, so why did it stop evolving?
“Charmander wants her master.”
“Charmander wants forgiveness.”
I kept walking, ignoring the strange Charmander that was following me.
I ran into grass again, fighting, I would evolve that Charmander!
Suddenly, I noticed a move that shouldn’t exist, “Soul Stealer”.
Against my better judgment I used it on the pidgey.
The metal claw animation played, the pidgey cried out, it’s color vanished.
“Pidgey can no longer attack!” The text said, it was pidgey’s turn.
“Pidgey is staring vacantly at Charmander.”
“Charmander killed Pidgey!”
I didn’t order Charmander to attack. What was this?
Soul Stealer? What kind of move was that?
“Charmander wants forgiveness. Charmander made a mistake.”
“Forgiveness for what?” I wondered aloud.
“She didn’t meant to hurt.”
“They don’t die Charmander.” I said aloud.
“Yes they do.” It answered.
I screamed. The game was talking to me.
“What did you do to your master?” I asked her.
“Confused, so confused, attacked master instead.” Charmander answered.
“A pokemon used confusion on you? And you attacked Jessica?” I asked.
The Charmadner cried.
“The four, the four has her.”
“The four? The elite four?”
“The four has her. The four has her soul.”
Elite four.
The Articuno refused to fly for me, despite knowing the move.
“Charmander, will you fly if you evolve?”
“Charmander cannot fly.”
“But Charizard can!” I yelled at it. “Evolve damn you!”
Charmander screamed again, it’s evolution screen flashing. it was changing, to Charizard. Skipping right past Charmeleon.
I started crying, I was dependant on this game, it would save my friend, if I just beat the elite four.
“Don’t make me kill.” The text box popped up again.
“I wasn’t going to.” I answered.
“Make me forget.” Charizard said.
The move, he must be talking about the move. I checked the moves it had, Flamethrower, Ember, Flame Wheel, and then Soul Stealer.
I went to the TM and HMs, searching out a move for Charizard, there were no fire moves, but I meant to teach her fly anyway. I quickly taught it to Charizard, making it forget Soul Stealer.
I selected “Fly” and went to the elite four.
“Charizard, you want to take them down?”
“They have her. I must help her.”
I went into the place, almost bolting through taking down pokemon using Flamethrower.
Finally I was at the last pokemon, a couple attacks onto it and it fell. I was the winner, I’d defeated the elite four!
A shock ran through my body, I fell back the DS falling from my hands, it screamed, loud and long.
“Thank you.” A voice whispered.
I collapsed, falling asleep.
My phone startled me out of my sleep.
It was Jessica.
“Natalie, I’m okay. I know they told you what happened. They didn’t tell you all of it though. The game, it did something to me.”
“Charmander did.” I answered. “Well Charmander and the elite four.”
“Soul Stealer.” She whispered.
“It got confused, and used it on you. Then I guess the elite four took it.”
“Thank you, you saved me.”
“Charmander (a roar from the DS) -Charizard, says she’s sorry.” I said.
“Tell her I forgive her.”
Charizard purred. And the game shut off.

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